Fairdosi, Scott Deleclusiastics

Drum Solos - Unaccompanied

  • Fairdosi, Scott


    As the title suggests, Scott Fairdosi's Deleclusiastics is a tribute to the famed French percussionist and composer, Jacques Del‚cluse and his indelible collection of snare drum works, Douze tudes pour Caisse-Claire. In his piece, Scott quotes thematic material from etude number 1, a piece of standard repertoire for percussion pedagogy, auditions, juries, and recitals. These themes are brilliantly woven into a stream of challenging rudimental gestures but still recognizable to anyone who has played theoriginal. In doing this, Fairdosi has blended both rudimental and concert styles masterfully. As such, this piece can be performed on a concert snare drum or a marching snare drum. -the publisher
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