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    Just Desserts (Freytag)

    Another collection of 25 rudimental snare drum solos ranging from easy to extremely advanced. Includes exercises and an up-to-date, extensive hybrid rudiment list.

    The solos found in "Just Desserts" are written by some of the hottest snare drummers in the country and include several championship solos. Great for festival and auditions! Includes:

    •  DeLUCIA: Five for Joe
    •  DUGGAN: Grove Groove
    •  FREYTAG: Date at Eight
    •  FREYTAG: What a Drag
    •  FREYTAG: The Witch is Dead
    •  FREYTAG: YeeHaw
    •  MAINES: Gittin' Jiggy With It
    •  LYNCH: It's About Time
    •  LYNCH: On Parade
    •  Ready Or Not
    •  Rivetstick
    •  STOKES: Totally Stoked
    •  YeeHaw

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