Pratt et al Solo Snare Drummer, v.1

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  • Pratt et al

    Solo Snare Drummer, v.1

    Traditional and new solos for rudimental snare drum edited and composed by three well known writers. This book is a contest favorite - New York and Texas people need it because of the hard to find solos "The Connecticut Halftime" and "Downfall of Paris."Contents:

    •  TRADITIONAL: Dinner Call - Roast Beef
    •  TRADITIONAL: The Downfall of Paris
    •  TRADITIONAL: The General
    •  TRADITIONAL: Hell on the Wabash
    •  TRADITIONAL: The Three Camps (Pratt)
    •  BRUCE & EMMETT: Dixie
    •  MOORE: Chops 1
    •  MOORE: Chops II
    •  MOORE: The Connecticut Halftime
    •  MOORE: The Tiger
    •  MOORE: Don Que
    •  PRATT: Bicentennial Muster
    •  PRATT: Lesson 25
    •  PRATT: Sequence in Flam Taps
    •  PRATT: Variations in Accenting the Paradiddle
    •  PRATT: A Study in Alternation
    •  PRATT: Roll-O-Mania
    •  PRATT: Building to a Climax
    •  PRATT: Drag Paradiddles For Greenie
    •  SCHINSTINE: Good Hands
    •  SCHINSTINE: Our Leader
    •  SCHINSTINE: On the Beach
    •  SCHINSTINE: America's Finest

    (solo samples)

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