Peters, Mitchell (Scully) Yellow After the Acid Rain

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  • Peters, Mitchell (Scully)

    Yellow After the Acid Rain (Scully) [marimba]

    For marimba, bass drum, suspended cymbal (one player).

    Yellow After The Rain (1971) was written by the late, great Mitchell Peters (1935 -2017), a musician who achieved renown for his time with the Los Angeles Philharmonic andeminence for his illustrious composing career. It's an understatement to say that its reputationprecedes itself: Yellow After The Rain remains noteworthy amongst marimbists as both anintroduction to the four-mallet-technique and as a frequently performed audition piece.50 years after the debut of Yellow After The Rain comes Kyle Scully's Yellow After TheAcid Rain (2021). Arranged as a parody, Yellow After The Acid Rain augments andembellishes the original's melodic structure in an attempt to both honor and satirize thenotability of its predecessor, while turning it into something much more chaotic andchallenging.Requiring a 5 octave marimba as opposed to the original's 4, and with addedimplements including a concert bass drum and suspended cymbal, Yellow After The Acid Rainfrequently sounds like the purposeful antithesis to Yellow After The Rain, although it retainsthe signature virtuosic movement that requires the entire breadth of the marimba. -the publisher

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