Koshinski, Gene Additive Method of Two-Mallet Study

Keyboard Percussion Studies & Etudes

  • Koshinski, Gene

    Additive Method of Two-Mallet Study

    "A unique, musical, and effective approach to the study of two-mallet performance." This method book (with its thousands of possible exercises) was developed through concentrated study and analysis of the two-mallet percussion solo repertoire and targetsthe most common technical challenges found throughout two-mallet works. Over sixty-five standard works were analyzed in order to discover the twenty most prominent technical challenges seen throughout the entire repertoire. The "Additive Method" breaks down two-mallet study into twenty categories of exercises, each category corresponding to a specific technical issue. In addition to the exercises, the book contains a section on technique (grip and stroke), a systematic guide to the method, an annotatedtwo-mallet repertoire list, a repertoire analysis chart, and a practice journal. [all levels]. - the publisher
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