D'Ambrosio, Mark & Jenny Robinson Hal Leonard Handpan Method

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  • D'Ambrosio, Mark & Jenny Robinson

    Hal Leonard Handpan Method

    A handpan is a musical instrument made of steel and played with the hands. Handpans are formed by two bowl-shaped sheets of steel fastened together to create a resonant sound chamber. The sonority of the handpan has an affective quality that some describe as etheral or otherworldly. Most handpans have a relatively small number of notes tuned to a single key, making them accessible to those just learning music, while also being versatile and complex enough to challenge and inspire even the most accomplished musicians. The Hal Leonard Handpan Method is written for a broad range of skill levels. Beginners will find the introductory material and exercises necessary to develop their touch and technical skill, while the advanced player will find instructions on how to execute high-level techniques, create sophisticated sounds, and build complex patterns. The information, techniques, and theory presented in this book are designed to be flexible, and can be adapted to work on your instrument, no matter the scale or number of notes. The price of this book includes access to videos online, for download or streaming, using the unique code included with each purchase.
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