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  • Black, Dave & Chris Bernotas

    Sound Percussion - snare drum & bass drum

    Part of the Sound Innovations family, Sound Percussion fills the need for a comprehensive percussion method that provides a clear progressions of notes, rhythms, and skills that can be used for group or individual lessons. Sound Percussion has a clear and flexible approach with plenty of reinforcement. Books are available: Teacher's Score * Snare Drum and Bass Drum * Mallet Percussion * Timpani * Accessory Instruments.

    Sound Percussion contains seven sections covering everything from setting up the instruments to percussion ensemble performance. Sections include: Sound Preparation * Sound Rhythm * Sound Meter * Sound Rudiments * Sound Rolls * Sound Effects * Sound Performance. Directors can work through the book(s) progressively, or jump from section-to-section in order to address the specific educational needs of their students. The mallet book, however is more sequential by nature of note introduction.

    Skills are introduced with a backward-by-design approach. Learning goals are first identified, and then exercises are logically designed with obtainable steps that lead you toward achieving that goal. This is particularly helpful for mallet note recognition and snare drum rolls.

    Sound Percussion is a comprehensive resource that's perfect for teaching your students the fundamentals necessary to becoming well-rounded percussionists. -the publisher

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