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    Solo Drummer

    Subtitiled: An Album of Original Music for the Snare Drum. Includes: solos, duets, trios, quartets, novelties with piano accompaniment, colorful parade cadences, and opportunities for creative composition (i.e. composer provides a 4 measure phrase and instructs the student to expand the phrase into full length solo composition. Similar examples are given for a duet and a trio). 46 pages.

    The pieces contained herein have been selected from a large repertory of original snare drum music because of their popularity with student drummers. The pieces in this album serve both as literature suitable for solo purposes and as study material. The music is so written that each piece represents a musical framework in which the practice and study of correct techniques and performance habits may be pursued. This is based on the belief that skills should and can be developed through actual musical situtations. Only in this way can the acquiring of techniques enhance the development of musicianship. - the composer

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