Williams, Garey Drummer's Guide to the Big Band, w/CD-ROM

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  • Williams, Garey

    Drummer's Guide to the Big Band, w/CD-ROM

    Garey Williams' new book "The Drummer's Guide to Big Band" sets out a highly-organized game plan for tackling the demands of the big band drum chair. In addition to a thorough explanation of charts, grooves, song forms, set-ups and other figures, the book includes a multimedia disc with both video and audio examples. - Daniel Glass

    Included are discussions, MP3 Audio and DVD video demonstrations on: Chart reading checklist: style, road map, ink; Playing big band set-ups that will clearly and effectively support the band; Ride cymbal techniqes for slow, medium and fast tempos; Hi-hat techniques for 2-beat, "rocking the foot" and "heel up"; Bass drum techniques on how to "feather" and "drop bombs"; Snare drum techniques for cross-stick, rim shots, and stick shots; Jazz shuffles, 3/4 ballads, Latin, R & B, funk and rock play-along tracks; Five complete big band play-along charts (with and without drums); Discography of recommended big band recordings. 55 pages.

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