Zelenka, Jan (Kubik/Horn) Missa Votiva, ZWV.18

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  • Zelenka, Jan (Kubik/Horn)

    Missa Votiva, ZWV.18 (Kubik/Horn)

    Baroque. The performance material is derived from the scholarly-critical editions of the "Das Erbe deutscher Musik" series, on which the informative Preface and Critical Report were based. The new piano-vocal score has been edited by the reputable expertMatthias Grnert.

    "Zelenka's artistic personality, his biography and his compositional style are utterly distinctive. His style is highly experimental. Was Zelenka really one of the greatest composers of the 18th century, or only one of the most interesting? I think that he still has several surprises for us." (Schweizerische Musikzeitung)

    "Zelenka's Masses - fine specimens of Baroque choral literature, some parts of which are set even more colorfully than in the corresponding compositions by Bach." (Die Welt)

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