Liszt, Franz Concertos for Piano (2)

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  • Liszt, Franz

    Concertos for Piano (2)

    Romantic. One of the greatest piano virtuosos of all time, Franz Liszt composed piano music marked by its technical brilliance, innovation, and imagination. This collection presents authoritative miniature score editions of two staples of the repertoire:Liszt's Piano Concerto No. 1 in E-flat Major and his Piano Concerto No. 2 in A Major. The works are reproduced here from authoritative editions, complete with bar-numbered movements for easy reference. Affordable, durable, and portable, this miniature score edition is ideal for study in the classroom, at home, or in the concert hall. Reprint of the Breitkopf & H„rtel, Leipzig, 1907-39 editions.
    ISBN 10: 0486488578
    ISBN 13: 9780486488578
    Page Count: 144
    Dimensions: 6 1/8 x 8 1/2
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