Hailstork, Adolphus Rosa Parks Said "No" (And the People Went to Work)

Viola Solos - Unaccompanied

  • Hailstork, Adolphus

    Rosa Parks Said No (And the People Went to Work)

    20th Century. One of the bravest and most potent calls to social action by one individual was the famous 1955 refusal by Rosa Parks to give up her bus seat, laying the groundwork for the ensuing civil rights movement. Hailstork's title says it all, and his dramatically expressive work for solo viola declaims it all. Using a musical language that evokes action, blues, and power, along with a considerable infusion of contemplation and determination, ROSA PARKS SAID "NO" is a 9-minute instrumental monodrama perfect for any concert recital as well as special programming needs. The work's premiere by violist Philippe Chao may be heard at https://youtu.be/xHFJ-L-Bcxc - the publisher

    #black composer

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