Thomas, David Evan Lyric Preludes (24)

Trumpet Solos w/Piano

  • Thomas, David Evan

    Lyric Preludes (24)

    24 Lyric Preludes for Trumpet and Piano is a unified cycle of contrasting pieces in all major and minor keys and may be played in sequence, by book, or excerpted in any order that makes musical sense. As in Chopin's Preludes for piano, each major key is paired with its relative minor. But the 24 Lyric Preludes move softly down a descending ladder of thirds and flat-wise around the circle of fifths. Many aspects of the trumpeter's stock-in-trade are explored: double-tonguing, lip slurs, extremes of rangeand volume, as well as references to rhythms, patterns, and problems encountered by the orchestral player. The tonal spectrum may be widened further through judicious use of cornet and flugelhorn and creative choice of mutes. While there are a few notable links between movements (e.g., the Improvisation to the Nocturne; the return of the Prelude tune in the Finale), each piece deals with a characteristic style or musical idea, and most stand on their own. The piano is an equal partner throughout. -the composer
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