York, Barbara Ripples

Trumpet Ensembles w/Percussion

  • York, Barbara

    Ripples [duet w/octet & percussion]

    For trumpet duet, accompaied by trumpet octet & hand percussion (claves and egg shaker).

    It was my honor and my pleasure to write this piece in dedication to Vincent Di Martino (and his son Gabriel) upon Vince's 50th year in higher education. The image I had for this piece was of someone casting stones into a pool and the ripples going out, one by one, from each stone - in that sense as each of many ideas from teacher to son, to students, to the students of students, to colleagues in the US and eventually worldwide.

    The piece also reflects Mr. Di Martino's legendary versatility by changing styles mid-way while still using the same thematic motive. There is even an opportunity for improvisation towards the end. May the ripples continue on and on for many years and many generations. -the composer

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