Schramm, Betsy L. Starlight Images

Trombone Solos - Unaccompanied

  • Schramm, Betsy L.

    Starlight Images

    20th Century. Starlight Images for solo Trombone by Betsy L. Schramm was written for Audrey Morrison in 1991 and premiered at the International Trombone Festival that same year in Rochester NY.

    The composer summarizes the work:

    This work is in three short movements, each exhibiting a different mood. The first movement uses a sharply articulated, widely-flung motive to develop a lyrical, rising cry which is interrupted by music of a different character. The second movement uses a constant eighth-note pulse whose groupings are constantly changing. Rising lines of longer values augment and develop from the eight-note patterns. The third movement is a plaintive, wailing lament. At the beginning, the music centers around the lower registers of the trombone. The performer approximates the line (not the timbre) of a human voice singing an ornamented recitative. - the publisher
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