Wilborn, David Arise!

12 Trombones

  • Wilborn, David


    21st Century. Arise! is a musical journey that expresses a search for resolution and confirmation. The music opens with a solemn melody that slowly builds and transforms into a new bolder, majestic theme, which will serve as the principal source of thematic development. Following this majestic passage, the music ventures through a series of jovial and dark emotions. These varied expressions undergo development, transformations, and moments for confirmation. At the heart of the music, there is a prolonged struggle. The intense mood lingers; however, it unexpectedly breaks as a new character emerges. Here, a moment of frivolity is sounded during a spirited double-tongued passage. The passage, by contrast, is playful and lighthearted as it trades off its musical theme to neighboring players in the choir. At this point, the music has clearly left the dark, restless scenes in pursuit of resolution. It becomes clear that our journey of varied passions and emotions finally resolves when the opening majestic theme returns, while in a grand manner. We have arrived at the zenith; moreover, we sense a great moment of triumph. It is here we perceive achievement and a sense of victory. We may now arise out of darkness to enjoy the passions of happiness and eternal peace. - the composer
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