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    Psalms (4)

    Musical settings of The Psalms of David are a staple in the Compline world, and are indeed the musical nut of Compline. I composed these in modes for a choir of men, with countertenors and text, and thought these settings would be a soothing repast for the trombone world; maybe not for the 1st player. The lack of stems and meter is a way to get away from the rhythmic feel of western music and into the lumpy, arhythmic, text driven zone of chant. There are only 3 basic note lengths: a larger white note is a whole note; a smaller white note is a half note surrogate; and a black note is a quarter note. Be not anxious to get to the new phrase. Taking time for breaths is a good thing. Psalm 130 is a Penitential Psalm, with music in the acerbic style of Igor Stravinsky after the 2nd trombone solo from the Russian Easter of Korsakov. -the composer

    Mr. Reynolds has written settings for Psalms 4, 91 Qui habitat, 130 De profundis and 103. The Psalms are appropriate for moderately advanced to intermediate level performers. -the publisher

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