Griego Trombone Lyre for Removable Leadpipe Trombones

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    Trombone Lyre for Removable Leadpipe Trombones

    The Griego large bore trombone lyre is comprised of a 100% machined metal clamp that fits on the upper leadpipe receiver. The clamp is attached to a standard brass lyre. It is designed specifically for the Getzen 3047 tenor and 3062 bass, the Edwards T350 tenor, and Edwards B502 and B454 series basses. This lyre will also fit any instrument whose upper slide mouthpiece receiver has a circumference around 3/4 inch (0.76 inch or 19mm). Removal of the leadpipe is necessary for installation. The machinedclamp can be removed and installed on other lyre assemblies similar to Yamaha with a 3.65mm (9/64-inch) square stock. Removal requires a 3/32-inch allen wrench, not included. Replacement lyre (not included) will require some machining to fit the adapter.

    Griego Trombone Lyre Adapter, Large Bore

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