Extendabone Trombone Slide Extension Handle - red

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    Trombone Slide Extension Handle - red

    The Extendabone trombone handslide extension handle is useful for younger players or those with exceptionally short arms who have difficulty reaching 6th or 7th positions. This easy to install device clips onto the slide handle and makes those long positions easy to reach with little effort. When not needed, it can simply be pivoted out of the way. Sturdily constructied and with comfortable grip, the Extendabone can be used every day. Now even T-Rex can play trombone! - the manufacturer

    Extendabone Trombone Slide Extension Handle
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    Some folks may remember the metal slide extension handles made years ago. Those are no longer available. This new design replaces those and is an improvement in many areas. First, it doesn't have to be screwed on and off—just snap it into place, orquickly pop it off when done. Unlike the old metal model, this one can be pivoted out of the way if it is not needed all the time. And importantly, this design feels safe and substantial in your hand, not sloppy and loose. -cdp

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