Monster Pro MI 8000-U Power Strip - 8 Outlet

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  • Monster Pro MI 8000-U

    Power Strip - 8 Outlet

    7 Outlet Heavy Duty Braided Power Cable w/Right Angle Plugs Joule Ratings Up To 1960 For MONSTEROUS Power Surge Protection Similar units from another brand of well known "surge protectors" only handle up to 540 joules! Connected Equipment Warranties of Up To $250,000. What does this mean? If your gear is plugged into Monster Pro Power and a power surge destroys your possessions, Monster will cover your losses up to $250K! That's how GOOD these are! Monster Clean Power Technology to Keep Your Gear Running QUIETLY. Monster FIREPROOF MOV limiting the voltage during power surges, protecting your gear, your home and your family from fire! Metal Housings
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