Ho, Vincent Supervillain Etudes, Vol. 1

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  • Ho, Vincent

    Supervillain Etudes, Vol. 1

    21st Century (2023). Vincent Ho's Supervillain Etudes fixate on six supervillains from comic book culture, with three etudes per volume. Ho found that each of these villains are extreme expressions of psychological disorders and decided to dive into their psychological profiles collaborating with choreographers to see their takes on animating each of the profiles. The Supervillain tudes take gestural cues from choreography while maintaining the profiles and personalities of the aforementioned supervillains, forming a compellingly moody, exciting, and villainous set of works. - the publisher

    It should be noted these etudes are performance works along the lines of the Chopin Etudes, not etudes in the sense of practice or study matierial like Hanon •  1) R1DDLER
    •  2) 2-FACE
    •  3) P3ENGUIN (for Mark Turner)

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