Gershwin, George (Gertsch/Bellheim/Umbreit) Concerto in F

Piano Duets (2 Piano, 4 Hands)

  • Gershwin, George (Gertsch/Bellheim/Umbreit)

    Concerto in F (Gertsch/Bellheim/Umbreit)

    Gershwin's Concerto was premiered on December 3, 1925, in Carnegie Hall the epicentre of New York's classical music scene. It belongs to a group of self-imposed "experiments" with which the composter sought to make inroads into "serious" music: "I have only written three 'opuses' so far 'The Blue Monday Opera,' 'The Rhapsody in Blue' and the 'Concerto.' I have devoted much time to these works, but they are, of course, not my regular work. They are experiments laboratory work in American music." For his edition, Norbert Gertsch reviewed a multitude of autograph and printed sources in the USA and for the first time presents an Urtext edition of this very popular piano concerto suffused by the jazz idiom. At the same time, Breitkopf & H„rtel offers both the full score and orchestral parts by the same editor. - the publisher
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