Bay, William Achieving Guitar Artistry - Triads

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  • Bay, William

    Achieving Guitar Artistry - Triads

    This book of triadic concepts is as much for the ears as it is for the hands. Playing harmonized scales in triadic form is very helpful for the progressing guitarist. By working through these exercises, the guitarist will learn the harmonic sound of eachkey and develop a strong sense of melodic and harmonic voice leading. These studies contain interesting melodic content and are very fun to play. The keys are presented in tonic major and tonic minor rather than tonic major and relative minor. This is the second book in Mel Bay's Achieving Guitar Artistry series and follows the initial Linear Etudes text. Readers should develop a routine of practicing one key per day for the best results. Mastery of this book will do much to enhance the guitarist's sense of voice leading, note reading and improvising.
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