Grier, Jon Jeffrey Floot Loops

Flute Solos w/Piano

  • Grier, Jon Jeffrey

    Floot Loops

    20th Century. Floot Loops by Jon Jeffrey Grier was composed in 1979 as a gift to the composer's wife, Marion. Each movement has some connection to everyday life and the struggles of making your way early in the adventure. Since blues are normally writtenin a 12-bar pattern, the 13-bar structure of the first movement hints at some extraordinary discombobulation. "Zeed" is one of those goofy bits of vocabulary coined in a household and refers to the z's designating sleep in a comic strip bubble. "Letters Home" came about because the jobs of the composer and his wife forced them to live apart for a time. There was no internet at the time, so they wrote letters to stay in touch. "Cat's Meow," it will come as no surprise, refers to the three cats who allowed the family to share their domicile. "Temporary Help" references a dispatcher's jib at a temporary help agency held for a brief time with an inordinate number of interesting stories brought home to relate. - the publisher
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