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    Ballet Orchestra Clarinetist, v.2 (Plotkin)

    The first of its kind, The Ballet Orchestra Clarinetist Vol. 2 takes the reader and clarinetist on an exploration of the clarinet excerpts from Sergei Prokofiev's Romeo & Juliet and Cinderella. The detailed annotated excerpts aid in not only just learning the notes of these two enchanting ballets but also provides insight for any clarinetist looking to perform this repertoire at the highest level possible. Based on their years of experience and tremendous expertise performing this repertoire, theauthors offer useful practical tips that are vital for excelling in a "real life" setting in a ballet orchestra. Each excerpt is explained in a deep and detailed way to prepare for a first rehearsal or an audition. Don't miss out on The Ballet Orchestra Clarinetist Vol. 1 which contains detailed annotated clarinet excerpts from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty, and The Nutcracker. -the publisher
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