Raum, Elizabeth Pantheon

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  • Raum, Elizabeth


    21st Century. For violin, trombone, piano. Rome's Pantheon, based on Greek mythical legends was first constructed over 2,000 years ago as a temple "of all the gods". In the year 609, it became a Catholic church. Pantheon for Violin, Trombone, and Piano by the Canadian composer Elizabeth Raum is a seven-movement suite of chamber music depicting various of the Greek gods:

    •  1. Eos: Goddess of the Dawn
    •  2. Moirae: Gods of Fate
    •  3. Aphrodite: Goddess of Love and Beauty
    •  4. Zeus and Hera
    •  5. Artemis (Diana) Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt
    •  6. Hermes (Mercury) of the Winged Sandals
    •  7. Apollo: God of Sun and Light

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