Decruck, Fernande Chant Lyrique No 5

Alto Sax Solos w/Piano

  • Decruck, Fernande

    Chant Lyrique No 5

    20th Century (ca.1932). Following the success of her first Chant Lyrique, op. 69 (1932), Fernande Decruck continued to compose several short works for alto saxophone and piano. Several of these compositions are titled "Chant Lyrique" and are some of the first works that she wrote for wind instruments. The form and style of the fifth Chant Lyrique is similar to the first and third. It starts and ends with slow, melodic material and the middle of the work is an interesting exploration of a variety of styles and tempi. Towards the end of the work, there is a short cadenza for the saxophone before the opening material briefly returns to end the work. -the publisher

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