Berlin, Irving (Tailor) Alexander's Ragtime Band

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  • Berlin, Irving (Tailor)

    Alexander's Ragtime Band (Tailor) [w/optional rhythm section]

    Jazz. Dixieland. Written in 1911 and later used in the 1938 film of the same name. For 5-part ensemble, w/optional rhythm section. All five parts included in this one set - no need to purchase additional books. Includes a full score and the following parts: Part 1 in C (high), C (low), Bb, Eb; Part 2 in C, Bb, Eb; Part 3 in C, Bb, Eb, F; alto clef, bass clef; Part 4 in Bb, Eb, F, bass clef; Part 5 in Bb, Eb, bass clef; piano/guitar (with chord symbols, but no guitar frames) & drums. Using these partsa woodwind, brass or string quintet can be formed, or any number of other less common instrumental arrangements.
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