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  • Flynn, Dave

    Complete Works for Solo Guitar

    This book presents a collection of contemporary, tonal classical guitar works from Ireland's most prolific guitar composer; Dave Flynn has melded Celtic, minimalist and neo-baroque influences in this ground-breaking addition to the modern concert repertoire.

    Fans of the minimalism of Steve Reich, John Adams and Philip Glass will enjoy "Three Minimalist Pieces" and the "Six Etudes for Five Fingers". The influence of Flynn's native Ireland can be heard in some of these etudes, as well as in the Satie-esque "Three Gymn O'Paddies" and "The Mahatma of the Glen" which utilizes an alternate tuning with roots in Celtic fiddling. The imposing "Passacaglia" is a challenging concert work suitable for competitions and recitals, while the "Homage Sonatina" pays tribute to three iconic guitarists: Heitor Villa-Lobos, Andy Summers and Leo Brouwer.

    With an insightful foreword from the late Charles Postlewate, Flynn's illuminating practice tips and program notes guide the reader through these atmospheric, accessible works. Flynn's own interpretations can be found on his albums 5to9 - Music for Solo Guitar (2020) and Contemporary Traditional Irish Guitar (2009), available online to stream or download.

    Recommended for intermediate to advanced classical guitarists, these pieces are written in standard notation only.

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