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    Celtic Guitar Delights, w/Audio (McMeen)

    Having written or contributed to several volumes of Celtic guitar music over the course of four decades, El McMeen offers fresh and unusual concepts in these 30 fingerstyle arrangements of both familiar and lesser-known Celtic tunes. The music is written in standard notation and tablature in three distinctive guitar tunings: Standard (EADGBE), Drop-D (DADGBE) and Low-C (CGDGAD). Unique to this collection, 7 of the book's 23 tunes are written in two different tunings, so you can compare the advantages and musicality of each tuning and choose which one to emulate or perform. Computer-generated audio files, an extensive introduction to tablature notation, and an invaluable Low-C chord chart enhance this insightful approach to the Celtic guitar style, alternate tunings, and the arranger's craft.
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