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    Classical Guitar Tunes - Early Music Gems, w/audio (Calmes)

    This collection presents 51 carefully selected examples of Renaissance and Baroque music ranging from lute and 5-course Baroque guitar works to solo and ensemble vocal pieces and fiddle tunes. Much of this music lies outside of the standard guitar repertoire yet is frequently played by ensembles at Renaissance and Early Music festivals. For this book, guitarist/musicologist Keith Calmes has tastefully arranged this splendid music for solo classic guitar, including an outstanding downloadable companion audio recording.

    Aficionados of Early Music will recognize many of the themes herein, including the hit tunes of the day by Praetorius, Sanz, Cutting, Narvaez, and the anonymous composer of "Greensleeves". Have you ever wondered which Early Music composers inspired Joaquin Rodrigo's concertos? Those works are in here! By contrast, many of these pieces will sound completely new, even to lifelong guitarists.

    Written in standard notation only with ample fingering, guitarists and audiences alike will appreciate the music in this book. Includes access to online audio.

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