Various (Afshar) Beginning Pieces for Classical Guitar

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    Beginning Pieces for Classical Guitar (Afshar)

    In this book, Dr. Lily Afshar has clearly laid out the music and fingerings for 48 beginning to intermediate-level pieces by Aguado, Bach, Carcassi, Milan, Mertz, Sor and other Renaissance through nineteenth-century composers. While many of these selections are set in first position for ease of reading, they are effective for teaching different rhythms and arpeggio techniques, as well as for learning to play simple intervals and three and four-note chords. These compositions were carefully chosenfor their use in developing finger independence in both hands, and can be used to advance rest stroke, free stroke, arpeggio, and tremolo techniques. Dynamic markings have been added for interpretation if not originally indicated in the originals so, in addition to learning positions and note locations along the fretboard, you'll have to pay attention to dynamic and tempo changes. Written in standard notation only, this book is ideal for private study, as a teaching and student recital sourcebook, or for inclusion in the syllabus for a high school or first-year collegiate guitar program.
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