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    Rainer's Acoustic Blues Picking School, w/Video

    Calling all aspiring blues guitar pickers! Popular YouTube guitar instructor Rainer Brunn has designed a special introductory course just for you! With this exclusive book and video teaching pack, Rainer guides you through the essentials of fingerstyle blues guitar using authentic exercises and songs presented in easy-to-read tablature. The video lessons feature Rainer performing each music example from the book, so you can clearly see and hear the many different blues guitar techniques and concepts being taught. Rainer has brought his considerable knowledge of blues styles, along with his teaching skills, to create a course that provides a total immersion into blues picking!

    Some of the topics covered: alternating-thumb picking; right-hand picking positions; open chords & moveable chords; adding melody notes to chord shapes; hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides; licks & turnarounds; syncopation; and more!

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