Tarrega, Francisco (Moschetti) Preludes, w/DVD

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  • Tarrega, Francisco (Moschetti)

    Preludes, w/DVD (Moschetti)

    This unique series features a collection of the most famous pieces from the classicalguitar repertoire, and includes music scores, tablature and accompanying video. Greatcare has been taken to verify the fingerings of both hands in the material. Innovativetablature combines left-hand finger positions with rhythmic notation, allowing the readerto tackle very complex musical repertoire and polyphony. Therefore, this systemprovides an opportunity for anyone to learn pieces from these great composers,regardless of reading ability.Francisco T?rrega is viewed by many as the father of modern classical guitar, from bothtechnical and compositional standpoints. He transformed and expanded classical guitarrepertoire and its technical palette, helping to evolve guitar music of the nineteenthcentury. The collection of preludes in this volume represents some of the most importantwork by Tarrega, and displays the beauty and style of his compositions.
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