RAT Stands Jazz Music Stand, Collapsible

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  • RAT Stands Jazz

    Music Stand, Collapsible

    Lightweight & Compact- With a full-size tray and a pencil shelf.

    Friction System- Using friction locks the music stand can be adjusted without levers or screws.

    Folds Completely Flat- The stand can be folded flat to the size of the tray in less than 10 seconds.

    The Jazz Stand is a virtually unbreakable music stand. The tray is made of a polymer, which does not `ring' when knocked in comparison to a metal stand. Fully adjustable friction locks keep the stand at the desired angle and height with no thumb screws or levers to adjust. The stand is extremely lightweight and offers industry standard stability, with rubber feet on the base preserve the floor. Unlike other stands the Jazz Stand can collapse to the size of the tray in 3 simple moves without needing to be dismantled. The stands can be stacked vertically on top of each other with is ideal when there is minimal storage.

    Please note: due to the design of our stands with telescopic stems, the two small grub screws at the top of the stem, may become loose over time from using the tray or head section to pull the stem up. Therefore, these stands may occasionally need some minimal maintenance by using a 2.5mm Allen key to tighten the screws. -the manufacturer

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