CBP Deluxe Choral Music Folder w/Strings & Handstrap [detachable brace]

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    Choral Music Folder w/Strings & Handstrap [detachable brace]

    Identical to the Regular folder (071319) with the exception that this model's internal brace strap is detachable, allowing the folder to open wider than 120 degrees when desired.

    We call it the "Black Folder." Designed for The Los Angeles Master Chorale, this choral folder has a strap at the back to allow singers to easily hold up the folder during performance. Inside is a full length aluminum hinge with a 10-cord center that holds music for performance. The folder also features a unique cross strap brace that keeps the folder from opening too far during rehearsal or performance. Features:

    • 12.5-inches tall x 11-inches wide (when closed)
    • Left and right panels are each 10 inches wide when open
    • Two deep, expandable pockets
    • Aluminum hinge spine
    • 10 elastic cords in the center
    • Brass corners
    • Pencil slot
    • External nylon hand strap
    • Internal strap brace holds folder open to about 120 degrees
    • Internal strap brace can be detached to allow folder to lay flat and/or open wider than 120 degrees.
    • Quantity discounts available on this item—please inquire.

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