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    The pBuzz is a one piece slide horn with a trombone style mouthpiece (included). It is used in classrooms, homes and on the go and has been used to help develop the skills of thousands of young musicians. It's easy to discover, practice embouchure fundamentals, and creates an authentic sound.

    pBuzz is a unique pre-brass instrument made specifically for young children and the scholastic market. It is the perfect complement to more traditional first-time instruments such as the recorder. This new instrument has been created and developed by the same team of British musicians that invented the world's first plastic trombone, pBone, and the world's first all-plastic trumpet, pTrumpet. Designed to introduce children to brass instrument playing in a fun, engaging way, pBuzz develops skills needed for brass playing, such as correct embouchure and an ear for correct pitch. The five-inch bell is lightweight and brightly colored, and the inner tube has a colored insert labeled with different notes. The mouthpiece teaches young players how airflow affects sound production and is made with antimicrobial technology for protection against microbes such as bacteria and mold. The labeled colored slide helps them learn about notation and the moveable tube teaches how the changing length of the instrument affects pitch. This leads to an understanding of the basic principles of music and equips children to continue on their own musical journey. - the manufacturer

    •  Eight note basic range. plus some overtones.
    •  Basic range is middle C down to F, 4th line bass staff.
    •  Numbered slide with color coding.
    •  Color coding compatible with Orff system instruments.
    •  All-plastic construction.
    •  Plastic trombone mouthpiece included.
    •  Can also use any traditional small-shank trombone mouthpiece.

    pBuzz Slide Horn
    pBuzz Slide Horn
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