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    Pat Metheny Real Book [Bb edition]

    Pat Metheny is one of the most important voices in modern music. Through his writing, recordings and performances he has created a significant body of work that places him among the major musical figures of our time. With his recent induction as the youngest member of the Downbeat Hall of Fame, Metheny becomes only the fourth jazz guitarist to be chosen for that honor, joining Charlie Christian, Django Reinhardt and Wes Montgomery. He has won twenty Grammyr awards in twelve different categories, been named Best Guitarist in countless polls over four decades, and has sold millions of records worldwide. For all his accomplishments in music, his compositions have become modern standards, beloved by musicians all over the world. With this volume, Metheny has selected 147 of his most played tunes to create a new type of Real Book, approved and gig-tested by the composer himself! This edition is arranged for all B-flat instruments. Titles include: April Joy Better Days Ahead  Bright Size Life  Farmer's Trust  (Go) Get It  H & H  Have You Heard Jaco  James  Lakes  Last Train Home  Midwestern Nights Dream  Phase Dance Question & Answer  The Red One  So May It Secretly Begin  Sueno Con Mexico Uniquity Road  Unity Village  Whittlin'  and more!
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