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Trombone Quartets

  • Ewazen, Eric

    Myths & Legends

    21st century (2001). American composer. Written for the Curtis Institute Trombone Quartet (Rittenhouse Quartet) and performed by them on their 2001 tour. The work in in four movements and is not programmatic, despite the title. The first movement is byturns dramatic, playful and heroic. The 2nd movement is in an A-B-A form, with a pastorale chorale framing an extremely contrapuntal section of weaving lines. The 3rd movement is in a rapid waltz tempo, with the getures swirling, sometimes gracefully, but more boldly and energetically. The 4th movement feels like an eastern European folk dance with its sense of momentum and accented syncopations. The movement culminates with a fugue on the main thematic material. -the publisher

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    Recorded by:
    Θ - Bones Apart, on Four 4 Four - CD 79835
    Θ - English Trombone Consort, on Myths & Legends - CD 133724
    Θ - Saint Louis Symphony Trombones, on 4.1 - CD 80539
    Θ - Stentorian Consort, on Myths & Legends - CD 66840

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