Various (Spicker) Anthology of Sacred Song, v.1

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    Anthology of Sacred Song, v.1 (Spicker) [soprano]

    Includes Beneath The Cypress'(Handel); Come Unto Him (Handel); Farewell, Ye Limpid Springs (Handel); Hear Ye Israel (Mendelssohn-Elijah); How Beautif.R Dwellings(Lange); How Beautiful Are Feet (Handel); I Know Redeemer Liveth (Handel); I Mourn As A Dove (Benedict); I Will Extol Thee God (Molique); I Will Extol Thee(Eli) Costa M; I Will Sing Unto The Lrd(Parry); Jerusalem Thou Killest Prophets (Mendelssohn); Let The Bright Seraphim; Lord,Why Hidest Thou (Sullivan); My Father!ah!methinks(Handel); My HeartEver Faithful; My Redeemer &Lord(Sullivan); O How Pleasing Ye Groves (Haydn); Oh! Had I Jubal's Lyre (Handel); On Mighty Pens Uplifted (Haydn); Once More We See The Good(Weber); Pious Orgies,Pious Airs(Handel); Praise Ye Jehovah's G.(Beethoven; Rejoice Greatly Daughter(Handel); Say,What Dost Thou Bear (Cowen); Sighing,Weeping,Sorrow (Bach); Soft Complaining Flute (Handel); Subtle Love,With Fancy V(Handel); Sun Of My Soul Thou Savior(Gaul); Then Does Mem'ry Turn (Weber); These Are They Which Came(Gaul);They Fled,The Gloomy Po(Hiller); Tho'all Triumphant (Rubenstein); Thou Sittest On Jud.Seat(Blumner; Thou,To Whm Galilee Kneel(Pugno); Thous.Of Sins Oppress(Mercadante; Twas Even Here Th.Wrds(Massenet); When This Scene Of Trbl(Spohr); Why Art Thou Cast Dn.(Reinthaler; With Verdure Clad Fields (Haydn). Note: Volume 1 is for soprano, 2 is for alto, 3 is tenor and 4 is bass.
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