Schubert, Franz First Vocal Album

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  • Schubert, Franz

    First Vocal Album [low voice]

    Appropriate for baritone, bass, alto and contralto voices. Songs include Afar; After Work; Angel of Beauty; Atlas; Ave Maria; Benumbed; The Brook's Lullaby; By the Sea; The Carrier-Pigeon; Courage; Death and the Maiden; The Double; The Earlking; Faith inSpring; Farewell, Our Love to Sever; The Favorite Color; The Fishermaiden; Frozen Tears; Good Night; The Gray Head; The Guide-Post; Halt by the Brook; Hark! Hark! the Lark; The Hateful Color; Hedge Rose; Her Portrait; The Hunter; Huntsman's Even Song; Illusion; In the Village; Jealousy and Pride; The Last Hope; The Linden Tree; Longing for Spring; Looking Backward; Love's Message; The Maiden's Lament; Margaret at the Spinning-Wheel; Mignon's Song; The Miller and the Brook; The Miller's Flowers; Mine; The Mock Suns; Morning Greeting; My Abode; My Sweet Repose(Du Bist Die Ruh); On the River; The Organ Player; Parting; Pause; The Post; Praise of Tears; The Question; The Raven; Rest; Restless Love; Romance (Rosamund); The Secret; Serenade; The Shepherd'sLament; Solitude; Spring Dreams; The Stormy Morning; Teardrops; Thanks to the Brook; To Be Sung on the Waters; The Town; The Trout; Ungeduld (Impatience); The Vane; The Wanderer; Wanderer's Night-Song; Wandering; Warrior's Foreboding; The Water-Course; The Wayside Inn; Whither?; Who is Sylvia; Will O' the Wisp; With the Green Lute-Band; Withered Flowers; The Young Nun.
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