Various (Walters) More American Art Songs (15), w/Audio

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  • Various (Walters)

    More American Art Songs (15), w/Audio (Walters) [low voice]

    •  NILES Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair
    •  SACCO Brother Will, Brother John
    •  DUKE February Twilight
    •  NILES Go 'Way from My Window
    •  KINGSLEY The Green Dog
    •  KINGSLEY Hey Nonny-No!
    •  SCHUMAN Holiday Song
    •  SCHUMAN In the Mornin'
    •  BACON It's All I Have to Bring
    •  BARBER Mother, I Can Not Mind My Wheel
    •  NAGINSKI The Pasture
    •  BARBER A Slumber Song of the Madonna
    •  BOWLES Sugar in the Cane
    •  HOIBY Where the Music Comes From
    •  BEACH The Year's At the Spring
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