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    New Anthology of American Song [high voice]

    Includes 25 songs by American composers: And So, Goodbye; Bird Of The Wilderness (Horsman); The Breath Of A Rose; The Crying of Water (Campbell-Tipton); The Daisies; Down Bye Street (S.Homer); Eldorado (E.Stillman-Kelley); Heartsease (J.Powell); Homing Heart,The (Malotte); I Am Thy Harp (R.H.Woodman); I Have Seen Dawn (A.W.Kramer); Knock On The Door (B.Crist); The Lament Of Ian The Proud; Looking-Glass River (Carpenter); A Lover's Lament (C.Deis); Mary Alone (D.W.Guion); Meadow-Larks; A Moonlight Song (Cadman); On A Faded Violet (A.Farwell); Retreat (Cries My Heart); Rock Of Rubies,The (Spalding); Rose-Leaves Are Falling Lke Rain; Shoes (K.L.Manning); Wall-Paper (C.Kingsford); Wings Of Night (W.Watts).
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