Clarke, Herbert L. (Sachs) Herbert L. Clark Collection, The

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  • Clarke, Herbert L. (Sachs)

    Herbert L. Clark Collection, The (Sachs)

    A large collection of 29 Herbert L Clarke solos, including both the popular as well as lesser known. Includes separate solo & piano parts to all. (Euphonium players note: The solo parts are in Bb treble clef only. No bass clef parts are provided.) Contents:
    •  CLARKE: Apollo Polka
    •  CLARKE: Autumn Day
    •  CLARKE: Birth of Dawn
    •  CLARKE: The Bride of the Waves
    •  CLARKE: Carnival of Venice
    •  CLARKE: The Debutante
    •  CLARKE: From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific
    •  CLARKE: Funiculi Funicula
    •  CLARKE: The Harp That Once thro Tara's Halls
    •  CLARKE: Hebe Lullaby
    •  CLARKE: Lake of Bays
    •  CLARKE: Lillian
    •  CLARKE: The Maid of the Mist
    •  CLARKE: May Day
    •  CLARKE: A Memory Sweet Midst Battles Roar
    •  CLARKE: The Muskateer
    •  CLARKE: My Lady Dreams
    •  CLARKE: Nereid
    •  CLARKE: Norine
    •  CLARKE: Polly (Song & Dance)
    •  CLARKE: Side Partners (Cornet Duet)
    •  CLARKE: Sounds from the Hudson
    •  CLARKE: The Southern Cross
    •  CLARKE: Stars in a Velvety Sky
    •  CLARKE: Supremacy of Right
    •  CLARKE: Trixie Valse
    •  CLARKE: Twilight Dreams
    •  CLARKE: Venus Valse
    •  CLARKE: Victory (Original Fantasie & Air Varie)

    (Side Partners - trumpet 1)
    (Side Partners - trumpet 2)

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