Williams, John Concerto

Trumpet Solos w/Piano

  • Williams, John

    Concerto [Bb or C trumpet]

    This is the same John Williams who is well known for his movies scores including Star Wars, E.T. and the new Olympic Theme. For trumpet in C (Bb part also included). Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra is an extensive work making full use of the trumpet'scomplete range. The first movement cadenza in particular demands extensive playing in the low register, but moves quickly up to high C# and D at the cadenza's climax. Wide leaps are frequent especially in the slurred passages of the slow middle movement. Final movement moves at an agile pace amongst continually changing meters which add to its unpredictability. The soloist plays frequently between high C# and E above the staff, and must rapidly articulate in this register. An exciting, demanding work for the true virtuoso!

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