Peeters, Flor Sonata in Bb, op 51

Trumpet Solos w/Piano

  • Peeters, Flor

    Sonata in Bb, op 51

    20th Century. Popular advanced sonata with tuneful melodies. The first movement begins with a light joyful melody and requires quick single (or double) and triple tongue technique . Brief cadenza reaches up to high B and quickly descends to low B below the staff. Second movement is a dramatic adagio with lush piano harmonizations. This movement is an excellent study of long phrases and pacing. Finale is written in a fast 3/8 time and requires double tonguing within scalar and arpeggiated passages. Range from low G below the staff to high C above. First movement written in concert Bb, second movement in concert F, last movement moves from Bb concert to more challenging keys (two, three and five sharps for the trumpet part). -pc

    (mvt. I)
    (mvt. II)
    (mvt. III)

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