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Trumpet Quartets

  • Von Hessen, Moritz


    Renaissance. Moritz von Hessen (1572-1632) wrote this work for 4 cornetti. The "cornet" of Hessen's day was a wooden instrument much like a modern recorder, but with a cupped mouthpiece and wrapped in leather. It had a gentle yet clear tone, and because of its fingerhole construction, was fully chromatic. This edition, extracted from Das Erbe Deutscher Musik Landschaftsdenkmale Kurhessen, is for modern trumpets set in the key of F (G if performed on Bb trumpets). It has been edited for phrasing and dynamics. Set in 4/2, the rhythms are easy to perform, and the range of the first part does not go above top space G. The fourth part is required to perform many low G's and one low F. Score & parts. -cdp

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