David, Ferdinand Concertino in Eb, op 4

Trombone Solos w/Piano

  • David, Ferdinand

    Concertino in Eb, op 4

    Romantic. Hofmeister (Liepzig, Germany) 2010 reprint of unrevised 1958 edition. Matching full orchestra parts by Hofmeister are available on rental from the publisher. Note: The English title on the front cover of the music states the key to be E flat minor. This is a typo, as the German title correctly reflects: Es-Dur (E-flat major). This edition differs substantially from others. Throughout, slurs, articulations, tempi and dynamics are changed, often to be more sparse, though some are added. The quasi Recitativo at the end of the first movement is not so notated, but instead is written in straight time with fermatas. The layout is cleaner than others, with a good page turn, much less note cramming and no slide position advice. There are fewer accompaniment cues. Though the peripheral differences are substantial, the notes and rests are nearly all the same (a grace note or two have been added and the high F whole note 12 bars from the end has been changed to a dotted quarter/eighth/half figure). This is the required the edition for the 2011 Cincinnati Symphony audition. -cdp

    Recorded by: (editions may vary)
    Θ - Brett Baker, on Bone Idyll - CD 26550
    Θ - Andrew Berryman, on Recital - CD 26550
    Θ - Cristian Ganicenco, on Beyond Obilvion - CD 73760
    Θ - Carl Lenthe, on Audition Window - CD 46871
    Θ - Christian Lindberg, on Romantic Trombone Concertos - CD 24688
    Θ - Christian Lindberg, on 10 Year Jubilee - CD 24682
    Θ - Jacques Mauger, on Showcase - CD 80555
    Θ - Branimir Slokar, on Concertos - CD 25928
    Θ - U-PLAY CD (#25113).

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