Arutiunian, Alexander Concerto

Trombone Solos w/Piano

  • Arutiunian, Alexander


    20th Century (1991). Armenian composer Alexander Arutiunian. The three movements of this concerto, written 1990-91 in Erevan (Armenia) during a dramatic and difficult period (catastrophic earthquake and turbulent political situation) bring out not only the emotions of the great Armenian composer, but also reveal his profound expressive resources which the solo trombone is able to give voice to in an especially moving manner, superbly supported by a richly developed orchestral architecture. To the moving accents of the introduction of the first movement, follows a breath-taking and dramatic dialogue, then an Andante sostenuto with questioning phrases of great beauty and hope. The second movement is an Allegretto in 6/8 which displays the wonderfulvivacity and great energy so characteristic of Alexander Arutiunian. The trombone "explodes" in a kind of tragi-comic dance of dizzying virtuosity. The last movement opens with solo tympani playing a dramatic and martial piano-crescendo (Allegro 4/4), leading brilliantly to the powerful entrance of the solo trombone, which then combines power and sensitivity, fragility and sturdiness, until the cadenza which allows the soloist (36 measures before the magisterial finale) the freedom of full expression of his declamatory and incantatory power. A masterpiece of the contemporary trombone repertoire. The piano reduction is also from the composer. -the publisher

    (mvt. I)
    (mvt. II)
    (mvt. III)

    Common mis-spellings: Artunian, Arutunian, Aritunian, Aritiunian

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