Peters, Mitchell Fundamental Solos for Timpani

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  • Peters, Mitchell

    Fundamental Solos for Timpani

    The following solos were written as a companion to Fundamental Method for Timpani with the developing timpanist in mind, but can act as supplementary material to the simultaneous study of any method book.

    The intent of these pieces is to provide musical material that will give the progressing student a chance to put to practical use his or her developing technical skills, as well as demand a variety of musical styles and contexts. In addition any of the following solos may be used as either contest or jury pieces. Finally, it is the author's hope that these pieces will be fun for the students to play. - the composer

    Includes: Rondeau; March; Fandango; Processional; Motif; Festivo; Metro Line Seven; Journey; Mission; Velodrome; Lament; Blues Sketch; Conversation; Academy; Jig.

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